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About Us

Founded in 2012 by a group of parents on the West Side of Providence, West Side Play Space (WSPS) started as a co-op where families and children ages 0-5 could come together to play, learn, and build community during the colder months of November-April.

Through the years we have partnered with the City of Providence to locate the Space in unused school buildings, starting at West Broadway Middle School and then moving to the Asa Messer Annex once the middle school reopened. We're now very excited to have developed a long-term relationship with Children's Friend so we can have a beautifully-renovated permanent space where children and families can play and explore!

WSPS now offers children  opportunities for movement, quiet reading, art and other maker activities, imaginative play, and infant-safe exploration, as well as special programming and events throughout the year.

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